01 / 07 / 2020

WAC & Company: Studio Mondine – How To Get The Best Wedding Florals

The Wedding Artists Co. welcomes Amanda and Ivanka, the two creative souls behind the San Francisco based floral design studio, Studio Mondine. Describing their work as having the “lushness of an English garden arrangement with the precession of Japanese ikebana” they bring a unique and highly sought-after aesthetic to the luxury market. 
We asked them if there was anything they wanted to share with our newly engaged followers and what they came back to us rang true on so many levels.  As all artists know, if you want to get the best out of them in the creative process, trust and freedom are key.  Here were their thoughts which we just loved:


Our spot in the industry is creating truly singular florals for our clients. We create based on the client’s personal style, the space and the ~vibe~ they’re going for. To that, we add our own inspiration and sensitivity to our environments and influences, be it a Land Art retrospective, a rediscovered Frank O’Hara poem, or the work of, say, contemporary fashion designer Sandy Liang. 
Understandably, clients sometimes want us to give them a literal representation of what we’re going to do for them.  However the trick is this- if it’s never been made or seen before, we can’t be too literal with our design presentations. So our ultimate advice to our clients is to squint at the mood board, discover themselves in it, and trust that what we deliver will be more “them” than they could have ever imagined. – Amanda & Ivanka


  • We thought this was great advice and hope you did too.  If you’d like to hear more from our creative partners, follow along on Instagram at #WacAndCompany

Bio photo of Studio Mondine by Sandy Lee Studio. All other photos by Norman & Blake