The Wedding Artists Co and the Artists have been featured in numerous online and print publications over the years. Here are some of our highlights.

Sophia Bush & Grant Hughes by Norman & Blake
Finding the Right Photographer
Wedding in the Clouds by Norman & Blake
A Guide to Winter Wedding Photos
Wedding in the Woods by Norman & Blake
A Modern Wedding by Samm Blake
Bowery Hotel Wedding by Sasithon Photography
Proof Fall Weddings Are the Actual Best
Wedding in New Hampshire by Sasithon Photography
River Cafe Wedding by Sasithon Photography
Highline Hotel Wedding by Samm Blake
Heather Waraksa Named Best Photographer
French Chateau Wedding by Samm Blake
Real Wedding Feature Samm Blake
Most Stunning Engagement Photos
Mexican Destination Wedding by Samm Blake
Parisian Winter Wedding by Heather Waraksa
Heather Waraksa & Norman & Blake Named Best Photographers
Photographs in Your Wedding Veil
Celia Rowlson & Mia Lidofsky by Sasithon Photography
Molly Bernard & Hannah Lieberman by Les Loups
Dream Wedding in Kenya by Heather Waraksa
Caroline & William by Samm Blake
Flowers & Fashion by Norman & Blake
Old-world Shanghai Glam by Sasithon Photography
Lauren Rothberg & Michael Ratner by Norman & Blake
Southampton Wedding in Over The Moon
Joanna & Andrew by Norman & Blake
Morgan & Matt by Norman & Blake
Quinn & Dexter by Samm Blake
Secrets to Great Wedding Photos
CJ Mccollum & Elise Esposito by Samm Blake
Nicole & Jake by Norman & Blake
Alex & Michael by Les Loups
The Two-Day Wedding With a Stop at Katz’s Deli by Les Loups
Jessie & Yoni's Spring Wedding by Samm Blake
Grace & Matthew by Norman & Blake
Meredith & Teddy by Norman & Blake
Roberson & Anthony by Les Loups
Lauren & Jake by Liron Erel
Marla & Rob by Norman & Blake
Dulcie & David by Erich McVey

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