01 / 07 / 2017

Lovebrain Films FAQ

What’s the difference between booking with an Executive or an Associate?

When looking at their price guides you’ll see almost every package includes two shooters with pricing options for an Associate (less expensive) and Executive (more expensive). The Executives have been with Lovebrain the longest – since the beginning really – so they’re a bit more expensive. The Associates have a ton of experience, have shot many many weddings, and have been with Lovebrain for a long time too, but are not “founding members” and are therefore more accessibly priced. Regardless of who you work with on your wedding day, Courtney, the owner of Lovebrain Films will oversee the editing process so all movies have a consistent look and feel to them.


What is the difference between the “Music Video” vs “Audio Movie” and what is the “Audio Add-On”?

The 4-7 “Music Video” is included in all packages and is just footage set to music much like a classic music video.  The 20-25 minute “Audio Movie” found in package #3 is longer and it also mixes in snippets of audio from ceremony, speeches and toasts. There is also an option to order a 4-7 minute Music Video with Audio for an additional $350. For examples of the various types of films see here:

4-7 minute Music Video Highlight Movie
4-7 minute Highlight Movie with Audio 
20-25 minute Extended Edit Audio Film


If I just get the Highlight movie will the RAW footage still have audio?

Yes. If you just order a music video the team will still record audio but it will be with their on-camera mic. So the raw footage will have audio but it won’t be as clean, meaning some ambient noise may get picked up. However, if you choose to order an Audio Film or if you just want some audio mixed into your music video,  the videographers will bring more equipment and do things like plug into the soundboard and/or put a lav mic on someone during the ceremony to capture clean audio for your vows. Ditto for the speeches!


Will Lovebrain direct us a lot of will they be more of a fly on the wall?

At your wedding, Lovebrain will take a low-key, unobtrusive approach to capturing your day. They are known by other photographers for being very easy to work with.  The only time they may direct you a little bit is during the portrait session so it’s a good idea to add in another 5-10 minutes or so during your timeline in order to make sure both your photographer and Lovebrain can get what they need. But otherwise, Lovebrain will be a fly on the wall.


Can we pick the music?

Yes! You can pick the music and you’ll also have the chance to weigh in on a few other style choices for your movie (b&w, 8mm filter for example).  All of this will be covered in a questionnaire Lovebrain will have you fill out about 5 weeks prior to the wedding.