How It Works

It’s our mission to make the booking process as quick and as seamless as possible. We know our clients are very busy and don’t have a lot of time to plan. We also know once you fall in love, you don’t want to wait for what you want!

Step 01.

See an artist or two that you love? Or need a recommendation? Email Lisa and she can provide you options, availability, pricing and additional information on each artist including full galleries photographed from start to finish so you can dive deeper into the work.

Step 02.

Review the information Lisa provides and if everything feels like a good fit, we’ll link you up with the artist for an in person meeting, zoom or phone call. We firmly believe it’s important for you to vibe with your photographer — after all, they’re going to be with you all day on one of the most emotional days of your life! So a meeting directly with the artist is an essential step. Lisa can help get that set up.

Step 03.

If you decide to move forward with booking, Lisa will send a contract for you to review along with an invoice for the 50% deposit. We collect signatures electronically and provide options to pay online. It’s all very fast and very easy.

Ready to Start?