Sasithon Photography

Ever since her very first images, Sasithon (Sas) Pooviriyakul has been merging her documentary style of street photography into event and lifestyle work that foregoes pomp and circumstance in favor of intimate, unexpected moments of joy and charm.

After studying photography at NYU, Sas entered the world of advertising, where she spent over a decade working with some of the best directors and photographers in the industry. Yearning to forge a different path, she shifted gears to her first love—documentary photography—where she traveled extensively, capturing her experiences around the world to define her creative voice.

Since then, her work has led her across the globe, from a wedding in Iceland, to documentary work in Nepal, to capturing the rhythm of her Greenwich Village neighborhood.

Inspired by creative spirits and offbeat places, Sas is in search of spontaneous moments that only the universe could orchestrate.

Sasithon has been named one of BRIDES Magazine Best Photographers. Her work has been featured in VOGUE, The New York Times, People Magazine and others.