Meg Smith

Meg Smith

A celebration, an exquisite meal, the perfect peach. Pleasure is fleeting—it fills our senses and then, just like that, is gone. A photograph fixes a moment, making transience something immutable. Meg Smith’s career has been devoted to capturing the sumptuous, the joyous, the momentary, through light and the photographic process.

Raised in the Napa Valley and trained in both art history and film photography, Meg honed a vision that forgoes the predictable and slick; instead, she embraces unrehearsed interactions, the moments between moments and the color between color, whether an intimate embrace under a darkening sky or the rich hues of a ripe tomato.

Meg’s clients have included Anne Hathaway, Jimmy Kimmel, Governor Gavin Newsom, LeAnnRimes and Robin Williams.