Max Cutrone

Max Cutrone

I’m Max Cutrone- a California born-and-raised artist, filmmaker, world-traveler, and last but not least, father to one sweet little boy named Levi. It’s nice to meet you.

When he’s shooting a wedding, he brings a calm and collaborative vibe into the mix. He does all of his prep-work well in advance so on the day of the wedding, he can be present and mindful of capturing what’s going on around him.

When he’s creating a movie for a couple, he wants to know what attracted them to his work in the first place. From there, his goal is to create something totally unique that matches the couple’s personal style and captures the beauty, energy and essence of the experience they felt that day. There is no formula for the movies he makes or the music he chooses. It’s always a new and exciting collaborative process and one he loves deeply.

You can see more of his work on his website here.