Lisa Raffo Ashley

Who we are

The Wedding Artists Co. is a rep company managing a highly select group of wedding photographers and filmmakers who are mostly based in New York and California.

Lisa Ashley is the owner and curator of The WAC.  She manages the artists’ day-to-day operations freeing them up to do what they love and do best – make beautiful photos and films.

While Lisa serves the artists’ needs she’s also dedicated to being an advocate and partner for wedding planners and couples when navigating the often daunting task of hiring the perfect wedding photographer or filmmaker. With 15+ years of experience in artist management, she’s well equipped to solve problems, ask questions, find answers, and be an all-around helpful player in the process.



What We Do

We offer artist management for highly creative individuals who are exceptional at their craft but feel they want a support team for their day-to-day operations.  We help with their marketing, bookings, and handle the majority of the initial email communication with their clients to help get questions answered quickly and efficiently. This keeps the artists’ schedule free to focus on their creative gifts so their planners and couples are happy and feel well taken care of throughout the entire booking process.

However, not only do we play the role of “artist manager”, but we also help to curate a customized experience for our amazing, and often very busy, clients.

When working with planners, we are an ally in helping to book the perfect artist for their clients. Our promise is to make the process as professional and streamlined as possible so we can support efficiency across the board. When working directly with couples who are planning their own wedding, we offer ideal artist matching to make sure everyone is a perfect pairing for each other.

In short, we understand planning a wedding is time-consuming so we feel it’s our job to simplify the process as much as possible to make it a fun and enjoyable part of the planning experience.

Love & Praise

Stefanie Cove & Co.

"Lisa has become a trusted partner of ours not only because of the great talent she represents but because she is reliable, fast, friendly, and all-around understands the needs of our clients. If there are questions or concerns she's always responsive and eager to find options or solutions. She also seems to find a great balance between advocating for her artists' wishes while also accommodating our clients' wants. She's an asset to have in any photography or videography partnership for any event." - Stefanie Cove

Alison Bryan Destinations

As a result of working with Lisa, everything has been streamlined - from initial inquiry until the event. We inquire with her, we hear back almost immediately. A photographer is booked? We have a great alternative who happens to be available and perfect for the job. As event producers, we're busy. We hire hundreds of people every year, and the priority is that we can perfectly match our clients to the photographers and videographers who are truly best for them and for our event. Lisa helps us do that. Thank you Lisa, we are dedicated to you! - Alison Laesser-Keck

Oren Co.

Working with Lisa is effective, prompt, and easy. She represents a great group of artists and she makes the information gathering process fast and efficient. Given how busy my team is we couldn't ask for a better partner when putting photography and videography options together for our clients. Further, anytime there are questions on contract terms or anything else for that matter, she is direct, honest, a real pleasure. This is a professional relationship I respect, appreciate, and cannot recommend highly enough. - Yifat Oren

Alison Events

We've worked with The Wedding Artists Collective on multiple events over the years and they always deliver- providing the highest level of service. They are prompt, easy to communicate with, and a pleasure to work with. All the artists are super talented and love what they do, which shows in their work. - AE

Bash Please

As a planning firm with very high-end discreet clients, our first go-to when beginning the photography search is to contact Lisa. Not only does her company represent talented artists who vary in style, cost, and approach Lisa herself is the most responsive and organized professional in the industry. She answers client questions, our planning questions, is flexible when needed, and genuinely wants all parties involved to be happy. The Wedding Artists Co. is a joy to work with. - Sunna Yassin

Firefly Events

Lisa is not only a joy to work with but she also has impeccable taste which she has used to curate a stunning roster of artists. Each artist is a professional, bringing years of knowledge and experience to their craft. Since Lisa handles all the logistics of scheduling and billing it always makes the booking process super easy. As wedding planners, this scenario is nothing short of a dream come true!! We've also had the pleasure of working with Lisa and The WAC on some industry events. We're absolutely inspired by her continual effort to build community and support others in this creative industry.- Tessia & Alia

Jove Meyer Events

I love working with The Wedding Artists Co. and adore Lisa more than words! Working with her and her artists is a frequent occurrence in my world and she makes it so easy to communicate and book some of the best photographers and cinematographers around. Over the years we have collaborated with most all of the very talented artists of the collective and from start to finish it is always seamless!- Jove Meyer